Simple Living Project– Clean out in progress..



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Main Floor


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2nd Floor


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Spiral of life..

Spiral of life begins with you in the center of it with your birth and growth.. no matter the flow of the spiral there is life and death in all directions whether it’s the seasons or just those that grace our very existence as in a new or lost relationship or the actual death of a loved one. The spiral flows around you because it is you…

Have you ever wondered why you revisit the same life lesson again and again sometimes. Well, because life isn’t a straight path… it’s a curvy path that leads one to a life of joy, happiness, sorrow and anguish at the same time or at different times among numerous other life emotions….and it’s okay. Just like happiness and joy.. it’s okay to feel sorrow and anguish … along with grief because they are all apart of the spiral that consists of you.

Furthermore, in this spiral, other people come and go for various reasons and in various ways. Some leave because they were only needed for that period of time to teach a life lesson and/or to help you through a life lesson and their loss may or may not be permanent. Some relationships are long term and others just aren’t– like ships coming in and out of port. It is just the way it is. It’s the beauty of life and death. The spiral will continue to curve around you.. and sometimes other people’s spirals will gel in with you or they just won’t.

And one day your spiral will stop… but until then remember it’s okay for your spiral to be just you.. and that eventually everything will circle back around….it’s okay to be you no matter where your spiral has you right at this moment………

Happy Holidays from one human to another..



Simple Living Project- Before Clean Out..

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Images courtesy of my sister-in-law J.Johnson

Simple Living Project

PA House

Single family home that contains 1,144 sq ft and was built in 1905. It contains 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

Purchased in an Old Coal Town In PA at a repository sale — started process at end of August 2018 and officially approved as of November 9, 2018… we may own the home out right currently but there is a lot of work inside… and this city is trying to rebuild.. here’s hoping they do rebuild as planned and keep the city’s charm at the same time. We’re hoping to be apart of the growth and charm of this city…

This will be our journey with this house… completing it will occur on a minimal budget because we are trying to keep our debt low to none on this house so that when it’s all said and done we haven’t increased our current debt that we are currently trying to dig out of…

End goal is to live a life that is as debt free and as close to minimalist as possible this is one of the steps to that kind of life.

Dealing with the lost of a loved one…

Mom and Linnette 80s(Mom and I– 1980’s)


It’s been almost 2 months since my mother past away at the age of 61– she was my first best friend, my first confident.. she’s the one I fought to help live through the illnesses and pain she endured for the past 10 years… and I miss her terribly everyday… the mourning of her physical being is daily… doesn’t stop..not even in sleep..

They say that grief and loss has stages– and yes there are many of them…

1. Denial and isolation;

2. Anger;

3. Bargaining;

4. Depression;

5. Acceptance.

And no… People don’t grieve in that order and each person will experience grief and loss differently…  which can make the process feel so lonely…

I know in the cycle of life a parent is suppose to go before their child.. and even with that said you can never truly be ready for it…

I just wish I had a few more years.. I wish she wasn’t in pain and the illnesses didn’t come for her.. that life was kinder and easier for my mother… that she was older when death came for her while she slept peacefully.. it would have been kinder to a person that was so loving, giving and wonderful.. it was the least she deserved… because she deserved so much more…

A love between a mother and a child is FOREVER. She will always be in my heart and I will always see her in me … in my child… just not her anymore…

People keep asking me how I’m doing, and I’m not always sure how to answer that. It depends on the day. It depends on the minute. Right this moment, I’m not okay… it’s a holiday and it’s quiet without her. Yesterday, was better for me and well, tomorrow, isn’t here yet so we’ll see. Most the time I just say I’m lucky I have pants on… cause believe me there are days I feel the “fog” around me so thick that I just don’t think I will be able to I just muddle my way through and am thankful I didn’t leave the house naked…

See I thought I knew Grief through the lost of our family furry four legged children.. and yes those moments of loss were very hard…. and still I have learned even more about Grief through this lost than I thought was even imaginable…  because Grief is different for every experience in life. It is a force that cannot be controlled or predicted. It comes and goes on its own time table with no rhythm of reason. Grief does not stop when you have plans or life obligations. Grief comes whenever, however and how often it wants to– in the middle of sleep, at the food store etc. and it’s heartbreaking to the point where normal everyday function wants to cease but I push forward…

All I know is that I hope where ever mom is.. she’s proud of me and watching over us.. that she is no longer in pain or bothered by illnesses. I won’t claim to know where she is because that’s not for me to know yet… I do hope one day that we will meet again at a grand table in the summer lands with the rest of those I love… until then I will love my mother forever….

Much love during a time of grief..


5 Elements Health Coach..