Other Services

Guided Meditations-
Individuals or groups

Purpose of this section is to help provide personal growth, overcoming inner obstacles, being helpful to others, and expanding consciousness. Here you will find instructions in everything from common psychological tools for dealing with negative self talk to physical exercises for opening the body and clearing the mind, to meditation techniques for clarifying inner experience and connecting to deeper aspects of awareness, and much more….

Events & Workshops

 Looking to start local workshops pertaining to everyday whole foods and herbal remedies- that support a healthy and well balanced lifestyle. These will be hands on…

“Whole Food & Herbal Recipes Blog”

Link above hosts various recipes that will help maintain health and wellness – mind, body and spirit.  Whole foods and herbs play an important part of healing ones self.

Photography Blog- “Life’s Wacky Moments”

 Personal hobby… I love how images from a camera can speak to someones soul. It’s a relaxing outlet for a stressful world.

Spiritual Guidance & Wedding Officiate

 Pastoral Ministry Ordainment from Universal Life Church since 2003– officiate weddings no matter the couples religious, race, sexual orientation, creed etc. Can also offer spiritual guidance or coaching along with various other blessings.
All of the above is dependent upon what you are in need of and looking for….contact to discussion options! Please advise in the subject line what you are inquiring about….