Integrative Nutritional Services

I am currently finishing my 2nd Masters degree- MS in Nutrition and Integrative Health (MUIH) which, I started in May 2016 and I am looking at a tentative completion date of May 2020. I only have two more semesters to go which is my clinic classes (looking for Mock Clients- see MUIH Flyer link above) then  I can start working on the rest of my required 1000 hours along with sit for my CNS license. I started this program immediately after I graduated with a post-baccalaureate certification in Health and Wellness Coaching and a Masters of Arts degree in Health and Wellness Coaching/Herblism (MUIH: 04/2014 to 04/2016).

My training for Health and Wellness Coaching, Herbalist and Integrative Nutritionist will be blended into two great services at some point and will be open to everyone.  It will be interesting to see how it plays out once I have complete my current program because it will open doors to all kinds of changes. Furthermore, I am also hoping to offer some specialized programs  focused solely on women with PCOS, infertility, diabetes, PMS, Menopause etc., through delicious foods to balance their hormones and/or lose weight among numerous other aspects. Also hoping to finally add wellness workshops and seminars to various places on a variety of topics from stress management, detoxification, hormone balancing and green living under the other services eventually too.

These are just so many things to look forward to once I am done with my current learning path… please come back to see what changes have been made after the completion of my college journey which is real soon….

With Gratitude,
Linnette Johnson
5 Elements Coaching- Health & Wellness Coach
Maryland University of Integrative Health-  Nutritionist Clinics
(working towards becoming a
Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS))