From the Coach

I am honoring the Divine within me to teach, heal, and nourish others from a sacred space, because sometimes in life we can find ourselves in various different phases that just may need an outside support system– someone to work with that will actively listen– who is separate from our personal friendships, communities and/or our family circles. As a professional coach it is my goal to be proactively working with you, by advocating for your best interests by helping you address areas of your health or life that may feel out of balance or be in need of improvement.

Coaching can be a great support system, especially during transitions that occur in life. Whether you are preparing to start a family, returning to work, considering a change in careers, wanting to lose weight or are seeking changes for your own personal happiness, growth or well-being. Coaching can help you narrow your focus, align your values and determine your next best steps!

Coaching supports you by encouraging positive growth and wellness in both your personal and professional life. You will receive guidance as you consciously make new discoveries, increase self-awareness and implement positive changes in your life. Your health and personal happiness along with other aspects of your life can change in many positive ways. When you choose to focus on being centered, balanced and mindful, you move through the daily challenges within life with more compassion for your self and others along with be able to maintain a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

Lastly, our personal health and wellness is interconnected with food, exercise, stress, herbs etc., it’s all very important to our well-being no matter our personal journey.


Linnette Johnson
Certified Health & Wellness Coach