Health & Wellness Coaching Services

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Are you living the life you want to live?
Do you want to lose weight?
Be more active?
Have you become a sideline parent?
Have you lost interest in things that once made you happy?
Are you in a toxic relationship with someone at work, home or family?
Do you have a bucket list or make plans to do things but then back out with excuses of why you cannot do them?
Do you feel your emotional well-being is not what you feel it should be and don’t know where to start to get it there?
Then coaching is for you!

Coaching services  are designed to meet your specific needs, whether you want to explore one area of your health, gain insight into how to bring greater overall balance into your life, or address a full spectrum of issues over time.

What to expect-

In each session you will set goals that are specific, measurable, challenging, and achievable. These goals will be the guideposts for your journey or life plan. And, if you decide that you want to take this journey, then we will begin the process through mindfulness and compassion. You have the ability to achieve your goals in a non-judgemental space that’s held for you and with your needs and wants being supported. This is why coaching is so effective because together, we can create the tools that will support you, your dreams and your life….

Sessions are conducted either in person or online (Skype)

What are the potential benefits of coaching?

  • An increased sense of well-being and vitality
  • Enhanced resilience of mind and body
  • Feeling empowered to care for your own health
  • Able heal and use food and herbs as medicine
  • Understand that health is not a destination, but rather a holistic process
  • Mindfulness about hunger and satiety
  • Ready to be honest and do “the work” needed to change
  • Increased ease with meal planning and food preparation
  • Becoming better able to sustain a healthy lifestyle

What happens during the consultation?

Initial Consultation: 60 minutes (free)
First, session will entail gathering information about your health and personal history, review your dietary preferences and health concerns, and assess your current wellness status. Together, you will craft a personalized plan to start you on your path to greater health and vitality.

Follow-up Consultations: 40-50 minutes
Follow-up visits (minimum of 2 per month) will support and guide you towards optimal well-being and help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Also email and/or phone call support in between visits along with handouts and accountable practices to help maintain desired goals.

Cost (Value)
My base rate is $65 per session, but I can tailor a support system to fit your budget.

How do I make an appointment?
For more information or to schedule an appointment email- or click here.

What are you waiting for?  Let’s do this! 



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