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***personal quote which also sums up why this program and field is so important to me…

“Personal health and wellness is interconnected with food, herbs etc,. it’s all very important to our well-being no matter our personal journey!”


Osteoporosis– Alternative Treatment through Calcium

Osteoporosis is a common bone disease that can affect everyone but mostly women after menopause. Basically, the bone mass decreases or deteriorates to the point the person is susceptible to fractures especially to the hip bones, forearm bones and vertebrae bones (NIH , 2017). There are numerous reasons for osteoporosis to occur from genetic, hormonal, medications, smoking etc. Just like there are numerous reasons for the disease there are numerous treatments to help slow or stop the progression such as hormone therapy, nutritional intake, supplements and exercise etc. However, the main focus for this discussion would be the effects calcium and calcium supplements have on those with osteoporosis.

Studies show that calcium dietary intake and supplements slow bone loss and even long term use will sustain that slower rate of loss (Reid, 1993 & 1995). Apparently bone loss increases when someone has less than 400 mg per day which increases that bone loss (Reid, 1993). At the same time there is no evidence that taking calcium at a higher rate such as 1000 mg per day will have more of an affect (Reid , 1993). Recommendations vary from how much should be dietary and how much should be taken as a supplemental form. Overall consensus appears to be 1000-1300mg for those 14-70 plus years of age which is dependent on the age of the person however a postmenopausal woman should take up to 1200 mg a day (NIH 2018). A person has to make sure they calculate their dietary intake when determining the amount they should take in a supplements because milk products such as yogurt and cheese have naturally high amounts of calcium. Another factor that needs to be understood is that some medications and supplements could hinder absorption of calcium or increase the absorption of calcium. For example, some chemotherapy medications could decreased levels of calcium but vitamin D supplements could cause higher levels of calcium. Some medications shouldn’t be taken at the same time as a calcium supplement etc. Being aware of the intake amounts with limit the possible issue of to much calcium known as hypercalcemia, which causes renal insufficiency, vascular and soft tissue calcification and kidney stones (NIH, 2018). Just remember a balanced amount is beneficial but to much of a good thing could end up being another health issue or ailment.

Lastly, just like with anything else, the best course is to be aware of one’s genetic history and/or the telltale signs of possibly having osteoporosis which is getting shorter or bones breaking easier than normal. By knowing the signs it could possibly be caught in the early stages so that an intervention therapy could be put into place such as increasing one’s calcium intake which has shown strong results in slowing or stopping the bone loss progression. Hence, it’s why I watch and maintain certain levels of calcium because I have a long line of family members with osteoporosis such as my mother. It’s something to be monitored as I age because I am a firm believer that knowledge is power and by knowing certain things can be beneficial. If not sure, it never hurts to discuss health aspects with your medical doctors too.


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Thyroid awareness month…

No cure for either…

Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disease that concerns the thyroid which January is thyroid awareness month….

PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome…September is awareness month for PCOS…but I have both hence both here anyways…

Be informed…

Simple living…house update…

Okay…today we had an engineer inspect our home in PA so we could confirm the things we thought needed done to the house for our journey to simple living and downsizing. We were hopeful that we were wrong but in the end we weren’t….

Well, the good news is that the foundation and overall bones are good. On the flip side, the house needs basically all of the following replaced- roof, subfloors, walls, rafters etc etc…all due to dry rot and various other issues left from years of neglect along with things the old owner shouldn’t have removed such as supporting walls etc.

We are bummed because its going to take longer than expected and more funds than we planned for…but we have options and they are all doable eventually…

So at this point we will make sure the property is secure and sound enough not to further cause issues until we can complete the project..which we will at some point…

Now we are back to the drawing board for our simple living and downsizing journey we are currently working on…we have a few options but will definitely go a different route than another repository tax sale for our next step….because those are to iffy.

Lesson learned… So it’s onward and upward from here…its just a curve in the road from our original plan…but we’re determined…

Definitely more to come as we move on and adjust from here…

Simple Living Project– Clean out in progress..



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