I know it’s been quiet for a bit…been working on finishing my 2nd masters degree in Nutrition… I am almost done….and now I have been granted early admission to an internship and have an internship supervisor….

So I can officially start setting up my practice…start scheduling appointments (initial apts and follow up apts) beyond school appointments along with the free follow ups for those that helped with school requirements and schedule educational trainings etc …for 2/15/20 and after…

My official date is February 15th and beyond…hence starting now to setting everything up…

So here I go… Time to buckle down…

I still MUST Graduate- struggling a bit and a bit stressed right now…but it will happen..so be patient with me…

-Build hours for license

-Pass CNS exam

-Apply for Maryland State license

-Build practice to a sustainable, growing business…with community and partnerships..

Lots of blood, sweat and tears are in my future…but im so determined…

I’m also determined to get back on here more too once I completely graduate…

So be on the lookout…its coming up.

Thanks for your patience.

With Gratitude
Linnette Johnson, MA
5 Elements Coaching

Integrative Nutrition Intern

Health & Wellness Coach


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