Asking for Assistance…

Nutrition Clinic I scheduling has began …

Three questions for you-

Are you interested in seeing what a session is like from the paperwork etc??

Do you know someone who may be interested??

Do you have time – for some paperwork and a 2 hour session– to help me become a better Nutritionist??

NEED 10 REAL PEOPLE for MOCK CLIENT CONSULTS for the upcoming Fall 2019 semesters…along with another 10 for spring 2020…

What can you gain from this 1 free educational only session?

Explore the current status of your health and well-being

Someone to listen to your goals and meet your unique needs educationally and non-judgementally

Empower you with an invaluable educational experience.

Please contact me with any questions or to schedule an appointment today- or if no email text me…

With Gratitude

From your local Clinical Online Intern Nutritionist with only 2 semesters to go…

***personal quote which also sums up why this program and field is so important to me…

“Personal health and wellness is interconnected with food, herbs etc,. it’s all very important to our well-being no matter our personal journey!”

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