Simple living…house update…

Okay…today we had an engineer inspect our home in PA so we could confirm the things we thought needed done to the house for our journey to simple living and downsizing. We were hopeful that we were wrong but in the end we weren’t….

Well, the good news is that the foundation and overall bones are good. On the flip side, the house needs basically all of the following replaced- roof, subfloors, walls, rafters etc etc…all due to dry rot and various other issues left from years of neglect along with things the old owner shouldn’t have removed such as supporting walls etc.

We are bummed because its going to take longer than expected and more funds than we planned for…but we have options and they are all doable eventually…

So at this point we will make sure the property is secure and sound enough not to further cause issues until we can complete the project..which we will at some point…

Now we are back to the drawing board for our simple living and downsizing journey we are currently working on…we have a few options but will definitely go a different route than another repository tax sale for our next step….because those are to iffy.

Lesson learned… So it’s onward and upward from here…its just a curve in the road from our original plan…but we’re determined…

Definitely more to come as we move on and adjust from here…

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