Spiral of life..

Spiral of life begins with you in the center of it with your birth and growth.. no matter the flow of the spiral there is life and death in all directions whether it’s the seasons or just those that grace our very existence as in a new or lost relationship or the actual death of a loved one. The spiral flows around you because it is you…

Have you ever wondered why you revisit the same life lesson again and again sometimes. Well, because life isn’t a straight path… it’s a curvy path that leads one to a life of joy, happiness, sorrow and anguish at the same time or at different times among numerous other life emotions….and it’s okay. Just like happiness and joy.. it’s okay to feel sorrow and anguish … along with grief because they are all apart of the spiral that consists of you.

Furthermore, in this spiral, other people come and go for various reasons and in various ways. Some leave because they were only needed for that period of time to teach a life lesson and/or to help you through a life lesson and their loss may or may not be permanent. Some relationships are long term and others just aren’t– like ships coming in and out of port. It is just the way it is. It’s the beauty of life and death. The spiral will continue to curve around you.. and sometimes other people’s spirals will gel in with you or they just won’t.

And one day your spiral will stop… but until then remember it’s okay for your spiral to be just you.. and that eventually everything will circle back around….it’s okay to be you no matter where your spiral has you right at this moment………

Happy Holidays from one human to another..



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