Simple Living Project

PA House

Single family home that contains 1,144 sq ft and was built in 1905. It contains 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

Purchased in an Old Coal Town In PA at a repository sale — started process at end of August 2018 and officially approved as of November 9, 2018… we may own the home out right currently but there is a lot of work inside… and this city is trying to rebuild.. here’s hoping they do rebuild as planned and keep the city’s charm at the same time. We’re hoping to be apart of the growth and charm of this city…

This will be our journey with this house… completing it will occur on a minimal budget because we are trying to keep our debt low to none on this house so that when it’s all said and done we haven’t increased our current debt that we are currently trying to dig out of…

End goal is to live a life that is as debt free and as close to minimalist as possible this is one of the steps to that kind of life.