Day of Motherhood..

Sitting here thinking of something witty to write about, something that will be meaningful and helpful as a Health and Wellness Coach… and nada. The creative juices are just not flowing. At first I am upset with myself but a very quiet voice speaks up and reminds me to be gentle and loving to myself. It’s been a hard road and my school break has just started, that I need to give it time. That I have to be present and allow things to come in there own time. It’s not an easy concept for even me. I have so much to do and so many ideas that I really don’t know where or when or how to start.

So I move on and update a few other blogs- Hippie Kitchen Wytch with some new recipes and tidbits along with Life’s Wacky Moments with some photographs I have been meaning to post… and just like that they are done, it just flowed. After a few hours of updating those other blogs, I moved on to add some resources to the main site- 5 Elements Coaching. Okay, it feels wonderful with getting “caught up” even through it’s my own thoughts and timeline that make me feel behind…

Well, now back here…….

As I continue to sit at my desk, I can feel myself begin to look outside the window next to my desk. It’s bright with sunlight that is finally shining. If you are on the East coast you know that the sun hasn’t been shining for a few days and it has been semi-cold recently especially for a day in May .. as my thoughts drift and really see what is out there I think of  …Motherhood — which is interesting since in the US next weekend is mother’s day. It’s a day or weekend where mother’s are honored, celebrated etc. It’s also a weekend that can be sorrowful because of the lost of a mother or the lost of a relationship that never was… I honor both of those even through my mother is still living and we have a wonderful relationship.. there is a third part of this that I honor– Mother Earth….

Right now, the Earth is bursting with life. The trees and bushes are all leafed out. Flowers are in bloom. Gardens are producing or getting ready to produce fruits and vegetables. Birds and Animals are having babies. Mother Earth is swelling and growing with life. When we honor, Mother Earth, we also honor the human mothers who kept humanity moving forward whether blood or non-blood.

As I write this, in the background I hear my own child– bubbling with life, laughter and love. It warms my heart… even through I may not always have the words or creative juice to post here… sometimes just sitting, being present is all someone really may need.. even for a Health and Wellness Coach….