What is 5 Elements Coaching??

Well, like with all things, the ideals, I started with over a year ago are evolving….just as I am, as you are etc…

I still believe the whole person is earth, air, water, fire and spirit….which is the most basic ideals for 5 Elements Coaching when it was started back in 1/2015..

Now we’re here in the present day and through the evolvution of time, the ideals have evolved and expanded…I still believe in the basis that gave “birth” to what 5 Elements Coaching began with but I’ve learned how much healing can come from the foods we eat, the herbs we use etc…so here are the 5 Elements Coaching ideals to healing the whole person as they are today…..

Eat Healthy- Earth: vegetables, fruits etc, the things we consume, where we live…

Drink plenty of Water- Water: 60% of our bodies is made up of water, it flushes our toxics, helps with cell growth and progress and its used for our food..

Exercise Regularly- Fire: warms our bodies, provides strength, passion and helps with depression and increases self esteem…it’s the best medicine when fighting the “blues

Reduce Stress- Air: breath in and out through mediation and/or yoga.. greatest means to ground and center. Also communicating our needs and desires can be helpful wit releasing stress…

Healthy Life-Spirit: our overall balance of life and all its aspects…things that make us tick, move and live for…the whole person…what makes us happy…

With everything, still working on being a healing present to others along with helping others heal their whole selves though meaningful compassion, understanding and in a space of non-judgement…being present to my self, family, friends and clients..
Hoping this answers the question on how 5 Elements Coaching came to be along with where and how we are working with our clients to have a healthier life..


Linnette Johnson 


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