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I have heard your requests to be able to find recipes with ease and not mixed in with all the rest that this site is about… so I have created a wordpress site just for recipes (food and herbal tonics etc) at the following link below:

So over time recipes that are here will be moved over and this site will be for inspiration along with other Health and Wellness tidbits only…

Keep the emails coming.. love to hear what others are looking for and /or needing in their life. Always looking for ways to be a healing presence for others…

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What is 5 Elements Coaching??

Well, like with all things, the ideals, I started with over a year ago are evolving….just as I am, as you are etc…

I still believe the whole person is earth, air, water, fire and spirit….which is the most basic ideals for 5 Elements Coaching when it was started back in 1/2015..

Now we’re here in the present day and through the evolvution of time, the ideals have evolved and expanded…I still believe in the basis that gave “birth” to what 5 Elements Coaching began with but I’ve learned how much healing can come from the foods we eat, the herbs we use etc…so here are the 5 Elements Coaching ideals to healing the whole person as they are today…..

Eat Healthy- Earth: vegetables, fruits etc, the things we consume, where we live…

Drink plenty of Water- Water: 60% of our bodies is made up of water, it flushes our toxics, helps with cell growth and progress and its used for our food..

Exercise Regularly- Fire: warms our bodies, provides strength, passion and helps with depression and increases self esteem…it’s the best medicine when fighting the “blues

Reduce Stress- Air: breath in and out through mediation and/or yoga.. greatest means to ground and center. Also communicating our needs and desires can be helpful wit releasing stress…

Healthy Life-Spirit: our overall balance of life and all its aspects…things that make us tick, move and live for…the whole person…what makes us happy…

With everything, still working on being a healing present to others along with helping others heal their whole selves though meaningful compassion, understanding and in a space of non-judgement…being present to my self, family, friends and clients..
Hoping this answers the question on how 5 Elements Coaching came to be along with where and how we are working with our clients to have a healthier life..


Linnette Johnson 

Be happy..