Been checking things out for organic, healthy foods…and changing comfort foods into healthy versions (more recipes to come)…my guidelines for these changes have been due to the Paleo diet which is high protein and low carbs..among various other things…

That’s just the tip of the iceberg … See I live in an area that has plenty of butchers and some that are even organic/grass fed which is the butcher we use. We even have an all year farmers market with fresh organic produce but we do not have a whole food store and what stores that do carry the products I’ve been looking for are expensive and limited…

So I’ve decided to try Thrive Online Market (…I’m on my second order and so far, my family and I have been pleased. Plus we’re working on the third order…stocking up not only on healthy foods but savings too. Furthermore the membership fee goes to support a family in need. 

I write this so if you find yourself in a similar situation or you just want another option…please give them a try…if you do please advise in the comments what you think etc..

Lastly, if you like or love Thrive Market…please pass on the information…because we all have the right for healthy, nutritious foods…no matter who we are…


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