New year but what does that really entail…

It’s a new year with lots of renewed goals of weight loss, going to the gym or changing something… you name it! But what does a new year really mean or entail.. broken goals in one, two or three months… It’s a question I ask myself every year as the excitement of the holidays and new year celebrations come around.. I start thinking of all the goals I want to do and be successful at. I get so wrapped up in the moment of the feelings that the new year will be all the joy and dream come trues. That just may be, the crap from the year before will fade away and my slate is truly anew….

But here’s the kicker… do I really want that? Isn’t my life just fine the way it is?? Because if I truly think about it’s just another beautiful glorious day in my life that is the same as the January 1st except the year is different. There is no promise that this year will be any better or the same or different in any way than the last…

See I am still a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, employee, student etc …. It’s up to me on whether or not each day of every year is good or bad…. it’s up to me to live every day as the last because no one is promised tomorrow.. it’s not something that should be done once a year to set my self up for failure in a few months… I don’t have to run out and join the nearest gym just to be financially broke more at the end of the year because I stopped going a month in but still paying the monthly fees.. I can do that any day or month of the year really..

This year I decide to forgo the goal making and just LIVE… I am going to see how things roll along and decide what goal or dream to make a reality while in the moment this year… but I do know this .. I plan to be more in the present– listening to my child talk, laugh more, listening to my spouse and those I hold dear more.. I am going to do the simple things that make life so worth living.. So what is your plan??

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