Tiny house movement…

My spouse and I are looking into doing this… joining the Tiny house movement…we’ve so far gone from 2200 sq foot house to a 1470 sq foot rental townhome… we were thinking about buying a 1980 sq foot home…we were excited at the thought but now that we’re awaiting the news if the short sale is going through or not…the doubt of going back up in size is hitting us…

“do we want to be owned by our home or do we want to own our home?”

Sounds similar but that question is really different…so do we stay one or two more years in our rental to save up for some property and a tiny house which would be paid for and a more debt free life or go for the bigger home with debt for a minimum of 15 years plus because its society’s idea of the American dream…

We want the debt free life that gives us wiggle room to travel etc… its something that “hit” us in the face when my spouse got sick in 2011…

So our journey begins again…time to downsize our stuff again and see our family of three (may be another child or two in the near future) live in a home around 900 sq feet…

Hoping to get out of our contract with the deposit but if not…lesson learned and we will move forward…

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